Welcome to From the Rainbow Bridge where a very special dog named Jimmy reports on all the friends he's made and the adventures he's had since crossing the Rainbow Bridge.

      Who is Jimmy? He's a poodle-terrier mix once owned by Todd and Stephanie Belcher of Jimmydog Design Group/Jimmydog Pet Portraits, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge many years ago.

      When three more Belcher dogs - Joey in 2015, Freddie in 2019 and Luna in 2020- also crossed the bridge, Jimmy wrote to reassure Todd and Stephanie that they all had made it safely to the fabled land where beloved pets run and play freely, without any of the injuries, diseases or old-age ailments they may have had in their last days here on Earth with us.

      That letter was the greatest gift! And since it arrived, the updates about Jimmy's escapades have kept coming.

      Jimmy's letters tell of a magical place

      At From the Rainbow Bridge, you can read all of Jimmy's letters. We think you'll be delighted by his adventures playing at the water park, swapping stories with other dogs around the fire hydrant, and dining out at delicious restaurants like Che Kibble and Forbidden Edibles (table leg or old sock, anyone?).

      More recent letters tell of Jimmy's appointment as a Rainbow Bridge Newcomers Club ambassador. His duties include helping to settle new arrivals into their custom-designed homes and introduce them to the latest amenities, such as the Snoutbook social media app and LegLyft ride share system.

      Jimmy has made so many friends: dogs and cats, of course, but also pigs, sugar gliders and guinea pigs. The Rainbow Bridge welcomes everyone and Jimmy wants you to learn all about them!

      Jimmy can write you a letter, too

      You can even commission Jimmy to write a personalized letter to you about your pet's life on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, or to have a letter sent to a family member or friend.

      Plus resources to help you and your pet

      On this site, you'll also find resources to help keep your pet healthy and safe, plus services that can aid you when it is time to say a final goodbye to your beloved companion animal, as well as support services you can rely on as you grieve. There's also information about rescues and shelters for when you're ready to welcome a new pet into your home.

      Just like the Rainbow Bridge itself, From the Rainbow Bridge is a happy, magical site. And it's all thanks to a very special dog named Jimmy.

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