The first letter arrived out of the blue on April 6, 2016, its colorful envelope bearing a Rainbow Bridge return address. Since then, Stephanie and Todd Belcher have gotten regular reports from their beloved dog Jimmy, the namesake of Jimmydog Design Group/Jimmydog Pet Portraits. Each new letter explains more about the wonderous world that greets companion animals after they cross the Rainbow Bridge and introduces special pets that Jimmy and his pals Joey, Freddie and Luna meet along the way.

The First Letter

   Jimmy writes home to assure Stephanie and Todd Belcher that their dog Joey has arrived safely after crossing the Rainbow Bridge. The two dogs immediately become best friends.
   Received April 6, 2016

Newcomers Get Settled

   Jimmy explains how new arrivals are welcomed after they cross the Rainbow Bridge - and how magical TVs let all the animals keep watch over their families on the other side.
   Received May 15, 2017

Fun Abounds at Rainbow Bridge Playgrounds

   Jimmy offers a tour of some of the Rainbow Bridge hotspots, including a water park for dogs, hunting grounds for cats and an always-open, all-you-can-eat food court for all.
   Received April 6, 2018

Esther the Wonder Pig's Friends Arrive

   Jimmy and his pal Joey are there to greet Shelby and Reuben, the best friends of Esther the Wonder Pig, when the dogs cross the bridge just a week apart.
   Received June 7, 2018

Jimmy and Joey Become Newcomers Club Ambassadors

   It's official! Jimmy and his pal Joey formalize their roles in welcoming companion animals as they cross the Rainbow Bridge - and learn a new game from a pretty bulldog named Blossom.
   Received September 6, 2018

Going Visiting

   Jimmy and Joey grab a LegLyft and spend the day checking on friends, including very special rescue dogs Teak and Kingston, and make a visit to Esther the Wonder Pig's best pals, too.
   Received October 30, 2018

Pets of the UNchain Winston Volunteers Get Festive

   When a fancy party invitation is delivered by two guinea pigs, Jimmy and Joey know they're in for a good time.
   Received March 9, 2019

Best-Ever Days Are Endless at the Rainbow Bridge

   As Jimmy and his pal Joey get a new arrival settled, they are reminded that the Rainbow Bridge provides whatever a pet wants or needs. Ask - or even just think about it - and, poof! it appears! What an amazing place!
   Received April 16, 2019

A Pack Reunites as Freddie Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

   When it is time for Freddie, Jimmydog's 17-year-old chief canine officer, to cross the bridge, Joey is there to greet his old friend and introduce her to Jimmy, the first Jimmydog CCO. The boys also have a special surprise for Freddie: a new park named in her honor.
   Received October 10, 2019

We Are family! Joey and Friends Host a Big Rainbow Bridge Reunion

   With dogs Jimmy, Joey and Freddie Belcher now together, the trio decides to connect with their extended family - the dogs, cats and even raccoon that Todd and Stephanie Belcher loved when they were children. It's quite the Rainbow Bridge family reunion!
   Received October 17, 2019

Finding Sally: Jimmy and His Pals Pick the Next Belcher Dog

   When animals cross the bridge, one of their new sacred responsibilities is finding the next pets to live with their families back on the other side. Jimmy and his pals Joey and Freddie take this task seriously - and find Sally, the perfect terrier to be the next dog in the Belcher pack.
   Received November 12, 2019

The Rainbow Bridge Trio Helps Complete the Belcher Pack

   As Jimmy, Joey and Freddie did finding Sally, the rainbow pack took the task of finding a second dog very seriously. They cleared their schedules and settled down to work not stopping until they found Luna, the most perfect mixed-up pup to complete the Belcher pack.
   Received June 3, 2020

An Unexpected Arrival: Young Luna Crosses the Bridge

   A part of the Belcher pack for less than a year, Luna has untimely Rainbow Bridge crossing. Jimmy, Joey and Freddie rush their preparations and make sure to have everything ready in time, welcoming her with open paws.
   Received October 3, 2020

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