Jimmy loves to receive letters as much as he likes to write them, and he appreciates the fans who have written to tell him how much his Rainbow Bridge letters have meant to them. If you'd like to send a message to Jimmy, you can contact us here.

Dear Jimmy, Joey and Freddie,

     Thank you so much for the update on our beloved Vito Corleone Rostron. He went to the bridge over 3 years ago and we have been anxious to know how he's doing. My kids have been writing him letters and finally we got our answer - although he misses us as much as we miss him, we're comforted to know how well he is doing. My daughter said receiving the letter and rainbow portrait was better than Christmas! Thank you again.

RR, St. James, NY
June 2020

Dear Jimmy,

     Thank you so much for the wonderful letter sending us an update on our beloved Dori. We laughed and cried, but it was so good to hear about her and gives us peace that she is so happy. I love that she is getting plenty of chicken (all you can eat all the time... her favorite) and going to the beach. She's such a silly girl showing off her fancy ears - but they are spectacular and even famous now.

Will, Anne and Lily
April 2019, Winston-Salem, NC

Dear Jimmy,

     Oh my gosh, just received your letter. How incredibly amazing and touching. The details and beautiful art...thank you. We will always cherish this. My 8 yr old son, Ethan and I were crying so much. He believes it truly came from the Rainbow Bridge. Ethan said "Mom this is legitimate". Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have read it 3 times. We plan to have it framed to hang in my husband's office along with our last family photo. Best gift ever!!

Thank you again,
Andrew, Sylvia, Ethan, Wrigley and Makena
April 2019, Greensboro, NC

Dear Jimmy,

     Oh goodness, and I do mean goodness...yours.

     I thought I would spend this morning reading the paper, but I sat down and looked at yesterday's mail. I opened up your beautiful envelope and read your amazing, unbelievable letter. I read it once, and then with tears streaming down my face, I read and re-read it. Mike came in and sat down and read it, and I watched as tears started rolling down his cheeks. (And he ain't a cryer.)

     The trouble you must have gone through to learn all the things about our other dogs (Buddy hated stairs!) and about Shug touched us both more than you'll ever know. It is one of the kindest, most thoughtful things anyone has done. I really mean that.

     Your letter demonstrated many things: well, obviously the way dogs learn to type is one of the most impressive... but it also proved once again that myths can be life-sustaining; that's why all cultures have so many of them, mostly to try to explain the unexplainable. Mike said after reading it, "well, that's as good a myth as any I know of," especially because it brought us such comfort. And finally, it showed so beautifully how an act of kindness can change someone's day, week, even life...and that friendship--even if friends don't see each other often--endures with no expiration date.

     We cant thank you enough. Much love to you.

Mike, Candide and Chance in North Carolina
November 2019

Dear Jimmy,

     I cannot tell you how much this letter means to me. I've been missing my beloved Maude so much and the house felt so empty without her so I went to the shelter to adopt a new dog. There was one I was interested in that had already been adopted. I was happy for the dog, of course, but sad I missed out on that opportunity. I met several other dogs that day but didn't find the right fit until a shelter worker brought out a dog he thought would be a perfect fit. A pit bull, who sadly had ended up back at the shelter -- and, sadly--this time with his ears chopped off (and not professionally). The shelter worker told me that nobody is ever interested in him because of his ears. I met him and felt an attraction to him that I didn't feel with any other dogs there.

     I had a good weekend getting to know the newly christened Radar. However, on Monday I was feeling so sad about Maude, and, wondered if I had done the right thing in bringing this dog into my life. I felt sad and guilty. Then, on Tuesday, I got home late and thought I should check the mailbox real quick and your letter was there. I told my boyfriend that I needed to be alone because whatever the letter said would probably make me cry. So, I was reading the letter and crying. Meanwhile, I heard my boyfriend say to Radar, "Did mom give you a bone?" I heard that and thought: Oh no! I hope he didn't get Maude's bone! I had saved one of Maude's bone's and put it by Maude's photo. I looked and saw that Radar had taken the bone off the table and was playing with it. A feeling came over me that this was a sign from Maude that she had done the right thing in bringing this dog home. The part of the letter where Maude gives Jimmy, Joey, and, Freddie all one of her beloved toys sealed the deal. I felt Maude's spirit all around.

     This letter brought me so much healing. EVERYTHING about the letter, even the envelope, was PERFECT! I just can't say enough great things about it. Thank you so much Jimmy for welcoming my precious Maude to the bridge and making sure she's settled. I miss her so much but it's such a comfort to know that she's OK.

Jill and Radar in North Carolina
November 2019

Dear Jimmy,

     Oh, my heart! This is such an unexpected wonderful, loving, surprise. I'm bawling here (in a good way.)

     I can't believe you did this (yes, I can) you are so kind and caring. This is so nice, beyond nice! Today was very difficult as it was the first time changing the sheets on my bed since my Simon left and it was horrible not having him diving under the sheets, trying to tug them out of my hands making that adorable trilling noise he made.

     It was so hard losing Simon and having him pass in my arms was all that I kept picturing.

     Your story of Simon's adventures in Rainbow Bridge land and describing his new home especially the part, "And this chair is so comforting - just like my wonderful mom." (that starts the tears flowing) is helping to replace my sorrowful last view of my Simon. Now I can focus on my wonderful boy chasing birds, eating tuna and playing with his new best friends. Thank you for that.

     From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Jimmy, Joey and Freddie for this lovely treasure and making Simon's transition safe and full of love. Thank you for letting me know how he's doing and how at peace and happy he is. I can see it all in my mind's eye and it's so beautiful.

Gina in Canada
January 2020

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